Why should you launch a WhatsApp Wallet today?

The launch of WhatsApp pay in India opens the doors for 400 mn users of WhatsApp to securely pay in the most frictionless manner with the simple & familiar user interface & no hassle of downloading multiple mobile apps.

This is by far one of the biggest foray of BigTech in financial services and will have a far reaching impact on Banks across geographies.

On the positive side, banks have an opportunity to use WhatsApp Business API and offer full banking services to customers in a secure manner.

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But the true differentiator will be to augment WhatsApp banking with a private label WhatsApp wallet.

So, what’s a WhatsApp Wallet?

Apart from being a tongue twister, a private label WhatsApp Wallet of a bank is a virtual stored value instrument which can be used by both ETB & NTB customers in a seamless manner from your bank’s approved and verified WhatsApp account to make and receive payments.

Let’s explore what a WhatsApp Wallet can do for you:

1. Convert the non-digital customers

Being a new channel, it’s quite natural that the non-Digital native customers would have apprehensions around using WhatsApp banking, very similar to initial reactions to mobile apps. A wallet with limited exposure and can help the ”apprehensive” customers get a taste of the User experience by making WhatsApp based payments, transfers, airtime top-up, bill payment and more.


2. Financial inclusion

Remove all the barriers to adoption including cost, language & literacy. Extend your reach to underserved banking segments by offering an easy to use WhatsApp payment wallet with stored value option for day-to-day transactions.

Remotely onboard new customers with eKYC and enable wallet payments on the most popular messaging channel.

3. New customer acquisition

Acquire new customers by offering non-bank customers the experience of a WhatsApp wallet facility with multi-level eKYC.

4. Enhanced Customer engagement

Offer wallet customers the added convenience of inbuilt beneficiary management for blazing fast transactions.

Extend the engagement with reminders, standing instructions, investments/saving, loyalty rewards, coupons plus more

Engage your wallet customers and extend your services by recommending personalized offers and rewards based on a dynamic customer persona.

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Deploy WhatsApp payment wallets with pre-built customer journeys, security and core banking adapters.

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