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Frictionless New Customer

Frictionless, Embedded, Personalized, Secure Banking

AI for new Customer Onboarding

As virtual banking continues to gain global traction, customers’ expectations of fully digital experiences have expanded to every corner of the financial services realm.

Accelerate customer acquisition with end to end process automation for a simplified and faster on-boarding experience  with complete eKYC, while meeting compliance regulations.

Create a frictionless Omnichannel onboarding experience by leveraging AI and Machine vision models optimized to complete the process in less than three minutes!

Lower new customer acquisition costs with AI based remote account opening and eKYC.

Seamless onboarding experience across languages and channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Web and mobile etc.

Widen your customer base and expand reach in different locations without compromising on revenue or setting up branches.

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Effortlessly onboard customers with highest degree of compliance with facial recognition, speech verification, and live video chat.

Muti-factor Authentication

Multi-level authentication including OTP/Pin, face verification-selfie / photo / live video, speech verification with ASR & liveness detection.

Document Upload & verification

Data & image extraction from IDs with quick system integerations for verfications.

Live agent hand-off

Seamless human hand-off with liveness detection & assisted video chat.

Enable remote customer onboarding across languages & channels in just 3 weeks!


Frictionless, Embedded, Personalized, Secure Banking


Multilingual & omnichannel

Customer registration & authentication

Customer registration & authentication

Document upload

Document upload

Data extraction & verification

Data extraction & verification

Frictionless new customer onboarding in less than 3 minutes!

Leverage pre-built, multilingual NLP chatbot with frictionless & secure customer transactions to enhance your reach


Omni-channel & Multi-lingual

Seamlessly acquire customers across Mobile, Web, WhatsApp, Facebook and more with multi step self service process or progressive profiling.

Multi-level customer authentication

Multi-level customer authentication

Application filling, primary data collection and Multi factor user authentication including OTP/PIN, passwords and customer credentials.


Secure Onboarding

Secure customer onboarding with customizable e-KYC process and progressive profiling for multi-level transactional limits.

Document Upload & Data Extraction

Document Upload & Data Extraction

Collect required documents, and Capture & analyse information using computer vision and OCR for text and photo extraction from IDs.

Document Verification

Document Verification

Integrate with the internal systems, verify documents & ensure compliance.

Face & Speech verification

Face & Speech verification

Match extracted images to the user using selfie or video upload and Speech verification using ASR.

Liveness Detection

Liveness Detection

Real time face-matching with live video recording and selfie upload.

Human Hand-off

Deepfake Detection

Advanced algorithms to identify and flag deepfake videos and images across various formats and platforms

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