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Omni Channel Banking
Customer Experience

Frictionless, Embedded, Personalized, Secure Banking

BankBuddy Omni Channel Banking

AI powered composable banking services for customers, merchants, agents, staff & ecosystem partners

BankBuddy Omni-channel platform enables you to offer services across all channels, enabling seamless interactions with customers through our pre-built and proven solutions for Internet banking, mobile apps, and chatbots. This ensures consistent and convenient access to banking services across various touchpoints.

Our platform is the most comprehensive digital banking solution, incorporating over 220 pre-built customer journeys. Leveraging the efficiency of a low-code platform and integrating global best practices, BankBuddy.ai empowers financial institutions to swiftly provide a diverse range of services while upholding the highest standards of functionality, security and user experience.

With our unified Web/Mobile Development and Conversational AI capabilities, BankBuddy ensures a truly Write Once Run Everywhere (WORE) experience, enhancing accessibility and efficiency across all channels.

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Internet Banking

Frictionless Banking Transactions and payments on all Devices & Browsers.

Smart Branch

AI powered journeys for branch and field staff for Onboarding, Customer service & recommendations

Mobile Banking

Enhanced customer service experience across Android & iOS mobile/ tablets​

Conversational Banking

NLP and Generative AI powered multi-lingual conversational banking across webchat, mobile chat & social media channels​

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Frictionless, Embedded, Personalized, Secure Banking

Login and Log out

Account Wallet Payment

Banking Transactions

Request to Pay

Account & wallet Payments

All payment rails

Beneficiary Management

Banking Transactions

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Go live in 12 weeks with Digital Banking Platform

Leverage pre-built, multilingual NLP chatbot with frictionless & secure customer transactions to enhance your reach


Profile Data

Cummon profile accross all channels, system & products for true omni-channel, AI powered engagement


Composable Platform

Build & orchestrate journeys across web, mobile and conversational AI channels. True Write once run everywhere omni channel experience.​



Bullet proof security powering leading financial institutions across the globe for secure transaction processing ​



220 pre-built journeys for fastest time to market for Retail and business banking. ​

Transfers & Payments

AI Engagement

AI powered engagement for proactive CX, in the moment recommendations & campaigns for cross/upsell, retention.​


Digital Wallet

Inbuilt wallet for stored value or pass through transactions across payment rails. QR pay, P2P, Merchant management, General Ledger, Virtual Accounts​

MFA based Transactions

Identify and Verification

Inbuilt secure ID&V for customers, employees, merchants, agents and ecosystem partners. ​ ​

Human Hand-off

Customer Service

Generative AI powered customer service with chatbot, agent handoff, case management, knowledgebase and employee co-pilot​

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