Insurance WhatsApp Chatbots: The next big thing in Insurance.

Introducing new technologies alone is not enough in a 'customer-first' industry like insurance. The need of the hour is a customer-focused, data-driven digital transformation approach that will enable insurers to communicate with policyholders on the channel they prefer.

“As per Mckinsey, digital transformations in insurance increases customer satisfaction scores up to 20 points.”

And to achieve this, carriers need a tool that’s quick, scalable, and available round the clock - Insurance WhatsApp chatbots.

Why WhatsApp for insurance?

Unlike the traditional Static UI approach, insurance WhatsApp Chatbots can help make conversations personalized and real-time. It enables policyholders to communicate with their insurers on a platform they are comfortable with rather than having to download a new app or visit the website.

Supercharge customer experience with insurance WhatsApp chatbots

  • Lead management - Enable agents and affiliates to support digital insurance sales through chat. Communicate Product listings, variations, and product details including quotes with prospects. Review the stages of policy purchase and analyze inbound leads and conversations in real-time.
  • Remote customer onboarding – Frictionlessly onboard new customers with eKYC for insurance seamlessly in 3 minutes or less. Complete customer registration, document collection & verification, and ensure liveness with video KYC with Agent handoff within the same chat.
  • Servicing & retention – Automate FAQs, address grievances, and send out policy-related alerts and notifications instantly. Answer customer queries in real-time, and provide coverage related advisory all in one place with WhatsApp for Insurance. For instance, information about the nearest service provider in case of travel assistance needs, or the status of a service request or complaint.
  • Customer support: Automate post-sales support with insurance WhatsApp chatbots. Provide easy access to processes including, policy renewals, account updations, document downloads, and beneficiary management. Integrate with multiple payment gateways, secured with MFA to complete premium payments effortlessly.
  • Hassle-free claim reporting – With Insurance WhatsApp chatbots, customers can avail policy benefits at their fingertips and initiate claims process anywhere, anytime. End to end claim management with easy FNOL, claim filing with document upload, and emergency assistance. Along with timely updates on claims status, claims notification, and inquiry.
  • Personalized recommendations - Delight customers with micro-targeted cross-sell and upsell recommendations based on behavioral persona & conversation context across all touchpoints. Proactively deliver personalized offers, bundled products, and add-ons. Leverage Broadcast module to communicate season’s greetings, specials discounts, or coupons to customers.
By embracing customer journey fulfillment on the world’s most popular messaging platform, insurance carriers can reduce operating costs and deliver timely, satisfying, and authentic customer experiences.

InsureBuddy offers a cognitive insurance CX solution on WhatsApp powered by AI and Analytics so that you can offer your customers- their preferred channel while reducing the turnaround time and increase agility with -
  • Fully digital Partner, agent/Seller onboarding
  • Contextual Human-like policy purchase experience with multilingual chatbots and voice bots.
  • Pre-built customer journeys including onboarding, transactions, and customer service
  • Seamless Human handoff for human +AI service experience
  • Personalized advice, offers, and recommendations
  • Secure (multi-layer encryption) for easy premium payments
InsureBuddy’s cognitive insurance CX solution can help you get closer to your customers with a Human+AI, 'friend-in-need' intuitive experience across channels, languages & policy life cycle.

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