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Banking Customer Experience


5 WhatsApp banking experience enhancers

At the core, digital transformation is all about creating new enhanced customer- centric journeys & experiences with disruptive technological advancements across various channels...


BankBuddy wins Finablr Challenge for Integrated IOT Cross Border Payments

BANKBUDDY did it again !!! We won the Finablr Challenge for Integrated IOT Cross Border Payments at FinX Troopers– MENA Fintech Hackathon in Dubai...


BankBuddy wins Finx Global Fintech of the Year Award

We are super stoked to announce that BANKBUDDY has won the esteemed FinX 2019 Award for the Global Fintech Startup of the Year...


WhatsApp banking chatbot

With more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide and Whatsapp being the most popular messaging app (over 1.5 billion monthly active users), the launch of WhatsApp Business was the obvious next step....

Ontology Creation

Ontology Creation – Where do Knowledge Graphs come in?

I introduced you to the concept of domain specific ontologies, their relevance and context. In this blog, I continue to build the story by briefly examining ontology creation...

Engage Cardholders

Using AI to Engage Cardholders Through Personalized Reward Offers

If I have to get another credit card (apart from the two I already have), it will strictly have to be one that offers exciting rewards on my purchases...

Financial Institutions

Can AI Enhance Cross Sell in Financial Institutions?

Cross selling is a major element of driving business revenue. It is a foundational sales strategy which remains to be an unshakeable pillar for growth...

Fintech Hive Accelerator

BankBuddy Selected by Fintech Hive Accelerator, UAE

BankBuddy is thrilled to announce its selection in FinTech Hive, the first and largest financial technology accelerator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia...

Domain Specific Ontologies

Is Voice Banking the Future of Consumer Engagement?

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing the financial industry today. In the Digital Trends in Financial Services sector report, 28% of respondents...